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Let us see the key financial ratios over the past 3 years.

Profitability Ratios

The overall profitability of the two companies can be compared by looking at the profitability ratios. The profit margin ratios help us to know whether the company can tolerate adverse conditions such as falling process, rising costs or declining sales (Vaitilingam, 2001). M&S has been enjoying higher margins on a smaller revenue base than Tesco. Post-2011, M&S is witnessing gradual dip in its margins. However, in case of Tesco, the fall has been steeper and the PBT and ROCE ratios have almost halved.

Here, it may be noted that M&S and Tesco, both being UK based companies, derive their largest share of revenue from European economy, which itself has  been going through a recession phase and in 2012, the economy grew by just 0.3%. Hike in the energy costs and petrol prices resulted in shrinking of disposable income of the households in the last year. This has been one of the most prolonged depressions in the history of UK since 1920. Although the economy has started to recover, the growth is still very weak and it will take some time for the country to come out of the depression phase. Also, other factors in case of M&S, like exit from the US and Japanese markets, change in legislation in South Korea restricting the large store shopping hours did not help for M&S financials. (Marks and Spencer, 2013 & TESCO 2013; BBC News, 2012)

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