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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a cofounder member of Apple Inc; in the initial phase of formation of the company Steve Jobs teamed with Steve Wozniak for making personal computers; he co-invented Apple I and Apple II. The name of the business was kept behind the favourite fruit of Steve Jobs; it is half bite representing two words play that is bite or byte (James, 2013).

He was a transformative entrepreneur who explored and invented unique offerings for the customers and gave them lifelong experiences (Harris, 2011)

Indicators of entrepreneurial determinants

This is an entrepreneurial quality assessment framework build by OECD to evaluate the different factors that will impact the entrepreneurship decision and business. These determinants impact the performance of the entrepreneur and its impact on the economy greatly.

  • Regulatory Framework
  • Market conditions
  • Access to finance
  • Creation and diffusion of knowledge
  • Entrepreneurial capabilities
  • Entrepreneurship culture

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