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For instance, when we were asked to provide Assignment Help Online on the Economic and Political risks in China, have a look at an abstract of the Assignment Help Online results:-

Economic risk refers to the risk that the output of a project would not generate adequate revenues to cover its operating costs and repay its debt obligation in financing a project. On the other hand, political risk is referred to as the government interference in the business affairs of foreign companies operating in a specific country (CRM, 2012). The difference forms of interference can range from outright nationalisation of industries through asset confiscation to contract repudiation with regards to contracts with government entities or government owned firms. Both risks in China are deemed to be high (Orlik, 2012).

In terms of political risks, as a country , China presents risks of non-convertibility of currency, enforcement of contracts etc.  Insurance industry suffers from risks of hyper-inflation and devaluation of currency (Reuters, 2012). In addition, there is a rift between  central government and provincial/local governments (CRM, 2012).  So companies in Chine really do not have clarity on which are the exact laws to be followed

Our Assignment Help Online experts also pointed out that China also stands to be at risk due to the Eurozone crisis. The Chinese economy is growing at a rate which is the lowest in 3 years (BBC, 2012). Since Eurozone is a key market for Chinese exports, a debt crisis in Europe will adversely impact the Chinese economy.

Thus you can see how comprehensive is the analysis performed by our Assignment Help Online experts.

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