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The business community for long has been known to hold secrets from their stakeholders. From organizational strategies, to that of financial performance information, to career planning etc, these companies have for long adhered to the concept that sharing of such information with that of the employees is to be conducted strictly on a needs basis. Transparency between the management and the employees were not followed and overall a closed culture of work was promoted. With the changing dynamics of business, and an overall globalization drive, and with the new breed of managers now taking responsibility, a conscious effort can be observed in the manner of functioning of the businesses (Deresky, 2006). As a result of this, present day management is functioning to imbibe a sense of transparency and more openness in their daily operations. Employees are encouraged to participate actively in the critical decision making process, which earlier were solely restricted within the realms of the management (Lee & Peterson, 2000). Scholars have commented that, the modern organizational practices have made the working environment more tolerant and open, with which we are in agreement with. For the purpose of this essay, we present an analytical account of whether actually workplaces have become more open and tolerant and how such transparency has been brought about by three elements of organizational functioning – culture, diversity and leadership.

This essay is segregated into three broad sections – the first depicting, the background and the purpose of this project; the second is the analysis section subdivided into accounts of how organizational culture, diversity and leadership help modern day organizations to bring about more tolerance and openness in their organizational settings followed by an account of the practical real life company instances and lastly, the conclusion presents an overall recapitulation of the dominant themes and a suggestion as to how companies can infuse more transparency in their work environments.

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