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Tesco have provided with various benefits to the customers to sustain the competitive rivalry in the market. The responsive company has been preferred by customers for its provision of products to meet the customer’s expectations and thus satisfying customers creating value for the company. For the next five years the strategic options for Tesco can well be explained by the strategic models as follows:

Tesco can efficiently follow one of the generic strategies proposed by Porter in order to gain competitive advantage in the next five years. Many organizations get stuck in their operation with the objective to follow all three together. Tesco with a well reputed background to provide quality goods at reasonable prices to customers can achieve cost leadership with little efforts focusing more on own label products sell by reducing production costs. Clearly defined market segments also allows the company to target differentiated range of product lines to specific markets or positioning of few products on at broad markets. (Eldring, 2009)

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Technology has always been considered as the greatest boon to the development of mankind. Business organisations since early centuries have indicated technological innovations to be the tool for standing out in the market. However, technology was then only a part of the production process but its contribution in the marketing and advertisement have been realised later with the development of media channels (Tsai, 2003).

In the present era, technology is deemed to rule the market in various forms by rendering the world to be a smaller place where people can interact wherever and whenever digitally through cloud computing. With such development in technology, business organisations are readily investing huge amounts to embrace it and reap the fruits out of it. On one hand where application software for mobile and computers have made customer’s access to a company’s product easy and hassle free, digital marketing on the other hand has made the company’s efforts to be directed appropriately at the consumers most of whom are tech savvy in the present world (Tansey, 2003).

Therefore, companies all over the world and across different industries are constantly using technology as their weapon to exploit the business opportunities prevailing in their respective sectors.

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Here is an extract

In terms of political risks, China is predominantly perilous surrounding deduction risks, currency inconvertibility, expropriation and contract repudiation. Extensive inflation and currency devaluation are one of the considerable probable problems imposing havoc on the sufficiency of the limits of insurance (Reuters, 2012). In addition to this, an exclusive form of political risk that is seen in China is the continuous battle between the central government with the provincial and local governments concerning the applicable law; observance and non-observance of it (CRM, 2012). These results in a complexity for companies that operates in China to know exactly which rules are to be followed.

On the contrary, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has claimed that the deterioration of debt crisis in the Eurozone hold a potential risk to the growth and development of China in regards of the economy. It has been noticed that the development in the economy of China is a a three-year low in the second quarter of the current year (BBC, 2012).




BBC. (2012). IMF: Worsening Eurozone crisis a ‘key risk’ to China. UK: BBC News Business.

CRM. (2012). Political Risk. Boston: China Risk Management.

Reuters. (2012). FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in China. USA: Chicago Tribune.

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Studying the present case:

The quorum for the meeting of the Board of Directors is 2 and the quorum must be present at all times during the meeting. (S. 248F of Corporation Act, 2001). So we cannot consider Elizabeth while calculating the quorum, as she was not present at the meeting.

It was Brian’s duty to disclose, in the meeting of the Board of Directors, that he was a major shareholder in Space Solutions Pty Ltd. (s.191 of Corporation Act, 2001)

Also, a resolution of the directors must be passed by a majority of the votes cast by directors entitled to vote on the resolution (S. 248G of Corporation Act, 2001). This excludes the interested directors from being considered. So we cannot consider Adrian and Brian to be a proper quorum for the board meeting as Brian is an interested director here.

Therefore, in the light of the above provisions, and the circumstances of the present case, we can say a proper quorum was not present at the meeting and hence every decision taken at the meeting would be null and void.

Brian’s decision to set up his own business as a jewellery wholesaler and to enter into a contract with Victor for the supply of jewellery violates the below provisions:

As the existing director of Pandora Diamonds and Gems Pty Ltd, Brian should have shown good faith in the best interests of the corporation and for a proper purpose, while exercising his powers and discharging his duties as a director. (s. 181 of the Corporations Act, 2001)

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In his article-‘Does the internet make you dumber by Nicholas Carr, the author of the book “The Shallows-What the internet is doing to our Brains??”has raised his concerns over the voluminous growth in use of internet and its negative impact on our thoughts, from the perspective of a healthy human mind. He has cited several references to research studies conducted at various levels. These researches have shown that the internet when compared with printed book scatters our attention whereas the book focuses it.

The author has drawn reference from Patricia Greenfield’s (a leading development psychologist ,who has reviewed studies on the impact of media technology on our cognitive capabilities) article about how playing video games can increase visual literacy skills, but eventually results in less rigorous and more automotive thinking due to the rapid shift in thinking ,which is quite alarming. Similarly another cited example is the test result of students showing poor performance in tests conducted after the lecture with permission to browse, when compared to the other half of the class restricted from browsing. These all shows internet is in fact reducing the retention capacity of brains whereas print media accentuates contemplation, reflection and introspection. Contrary to our beliefs another research conducted at Stanford University’s Communication has shown media multi-taskers to be poor at multitasking when compared with infrequent multi-taskers. The reason reported for the failure was that they are distracted by each and everything.

Our thoughts which come out from strong and expansive neural networks are in fact disturbed by the internet media due to its rapid nature, converting human beings into shallow thinker’s .The author has thrown light on the normal misperception of how computer helps in faster learning. It is at the expense of new weaknesses affecting strengths including vocabulary, mindfulness, imagination and critical thinking.

Again the author has thrown light over another misconception which is quite popular i.e., our thought process will be fine once we cut off ourselves from internet and mobile. The cellular alteration due to each new technology strengthens some of the neural connections while weakening the others, but continues to shape our thoughts even after we stop using them. This is further confirmed from the beliefs of a pioneering neuroscientist Michael Merzenich quoted by the author as ‘our minds are massively remodeled by the use of web related technology’. The author has raised alarming insight into the fact that human brain is losing one valuable quality called mental discipline through web browsing and surfing, which takes several years to build up.

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Have a look at these lines

The crisis communication strategies and instances have been analyzed, and the following is an instance of this; – British Petroleum could not manage the crisis emerging after the oil spill in 2010. First, it tried being in a state of denial about the event and then following massive public outrage; it acknowledged the situation’s gravity. The company was also criticized for an ineffective public apology; it didn’t have an iota of remorse and sincerity (Webb, 2010).


Webb, T. (2010). BP Boss admits job on the line over Gulf Oil Spill. UK: Guardian.

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For instance in the following sample

Sample 1
The cost of capital for the project is different to that of the cost of capital for an overall company. The cost of capital for this project has been calculated with the help of a capital budgeting technique of Internal Rate of Return (IRR) analysis (Chapman, Hopwood, & Shields, 2007). The Internal Rate of Return determines the discounting rate to be applicable in the computation of the present value of the project with its cash inflows.


Particulars Cash Inflows Discount rate Present value Discount rate Present value
Year 1 1000000 10% 909090.9091 11% 900900.9009
Year 2 1000000 10% 826446.281 11% 811622.4332
Year 3 1500000 10% 1126972.201 11% 1096787.072
Year 4 1500000 10% 1024520.183 11% 988096.4612
Year 5 1800000 10% 1117658.382 11% 1068212.391
Salvage value 100000 10% 62092.13231 11% 59345.13281
Total Cash Inflows 5066780.088 4924964.391
Initial Outlay 5000000 5000000
Net Present Value 66780.0883 -75035.60937


In order to determine the IRR value of the project by calculation, a trial and error method has been deployed to determine the Net Present value (NPV) of the investment to be Zero. The above table shows the NPV calculated with the discount rates 10 percent and 11 percent which provides with a positive and negative value denoting that the IRR to be somewhere in between (Mittal, 2006). Therefore, an interpolation technique has been used to determine the IRR and the project demonstrated an IRR value of 10.47 percent which is well beyond the WACC of the overall company. Hence, the project would be profitable for the company.



Chapman, C. S., Hopwood, A. G., & Shields, M. D. (2007). Handbook of Management Accounting Research. The Netherlands: Elsevier.

Mittal, R. (2006). Management Accounting and Financial Management. India: V.K. Enterprises.


Sample 2 : Financial Risk Management



Many affiliate the economical industry mostly with the value industry. The economical industry is, of course, far broader, covering ties, forex trading, property, products, and numerous other resource sessions and economical equipment. A section of the industry has fast become its most important one: types. Mixture items originally appeared, as securing devices against variations in product expenses and commodity-linked types stayed the only form of such items for almost three century. The economical types came into highlight in post-1970 period due to growing uncertainty in the marketplaces. However, since their appearance, these items have become very popular and by 90’s, they included about two-thirds of total dealings in derivative items. Recently, the industry for economical types has grown extremely both in terms of variety of equipment available, their complexness and also revenues. In the class of value types, futures trading and options on stock spiders have obtained more popularity than on personal shares, especially among institutional traders, who are major users of index-linked types. (Stulz, 2014)

The following factors have been the reason for growth of economical derivatives:

  • Increased movements in resource expenses in marketplaces,
  • Increased incorporation of national marketplaces with the worldwide marketplaces,
  • Marked enhancement in interaction features and distinct decrease in their expenses,
  • Development of more innovative threat control tools, providing economic agents a broader choice of threat control strategies, and
  • Innovations in the marketplaces, which properly merge the threats and profits over a huge number of economic resources, leading to higher profits, reduced threat as well as trans-actions expenses as compared to personal economical resources.(Campello, 2011)

Derivatives have widely been used as they accomplish securing, that is, they enable finance mangers of an actual resource profile to transfer some parts of the chance of price changes to others who are willing to bear such threat.




The problem in hand is related to the any downside in the market in near future which may affect the portfolio. From a fund manager perspective, protecting the fund from any downside is the foremost criteria and hence proper hedging strategy needs to be built to protect the fund.


Financial Exposure


The fund size is of $50 million, and hence the whole of the fund is exposed to the downside risk. Any fall in the market will affect the fund. With Beta of 0.87, the fund will fall by 8.7%, if the market (S&P) falls by 10%.


Fundamental Analysis


Fundamental analysis deals with macro-economic factors and also the financial of the company. For S&P, the individual stock present in the S&P will affect the movement of index.

The Derivative Instruments process consists of the following activities:

  • Entering into Trades
  • Valuation of Derivative Instruments
  • Review & Recording
  • Monthly Reconciliation Process
  • Hedge Accounting for Derivative Instruments

The main thing to look into the futures contract while hedging is the expiry month of the contract. If the need is for short term, then immediate or nearest expiry month should be considered. Or rollover strategy can be used to roll the contract over next month.

Another important asset class to hedge the portfolio is option. Options are fundamentally different from futures contracts. While in a future contract both the contracting parties have an obligation to honor the contract, in case of options, the seller has an obligation and buyer has the right in the contract, which he may or may not exercise. The party taking a long position is called the buyer/holder of the options and the party selling the option is called the seller/writer of the options. (Kozhan, 2013)

Options can be categorized as call or put options depending upon the right conferred on the buyer. An option, which gives the buyer a right to buy the underlying asset, is called a call option and the option that gives the buyer the right to sell is called as put option. Further an option that can be exercised at any time on or before the expiry date/day is called an American option and the option that can be exercised only at the expiry is called the European option. The price at which option is being traded is called as strike price or the exercise price. The date/day at which the option ceases to exist is called as expiration date/day. (Kozhan, 2013)

The price that an option buyer pays to the option writer is called as option premium. An option premium is the inflow to the option writer irrespective of whether the option holder exercises his option or not.

An option has no obligation in an option contract and he will exercise this right only when he is likely to benefit by doing so. For example, if he holds a call option on a particular stock he will exercise his option only when the market price of that stock is trading at a higher rate so that he profits from the difference between the market price and strike price. Thus the profit potential of the option buyer is unlimited. If however the stock price falls then he will not exercise the contract in which case he will loosed only the premium paid. Therefore the option buyer bears the limited amount of risk but his profit potential is unlimited. Conversely, as the profit/loss of an option buyer reflects the loss/profit of option seller, the seller carries an unlimited risk with a limited return potential. Thus the risk and return of the option contracts is asymmetric unlike that of that of a futures contract. (Kozhan, 2013)


Technical Analysis


From a fundamental analysis point of view, future market goes hand in hand with the S&P index, and the trend of S&P shows downtrend. Technical analysis deals with movements in the price based on short term news and based on historical prices. From futures market perspective, the timing of the expiry also plays an important role in the pricing.

Another important kind of hedging which is fruitful from technical perspective is Dynamic hedging. It is a technique that is widely used to hedge gamma or vega exposures. Because it involves adjusting the position hedge as the underlying moves—often several times a day—it is “dynamic.”

Dynamic hedging is delta hedging of a non-linear position with linear instruments like futures or forwards or spot positions. The delta value of the non-linear position offset the linear hedge position which yields a zero value delta from overall perspective. However, as the underlying value moves to and fro, the delta value of the non-linear position does change but the value of linear hedge does not change. The deltas no longer offset each other, so the linear hedge has to be adjusted (increased or decreased) to restore the delta hedge. The continual adjustment of the position to maintain a delta hedge is called dynamic hedging. (Basak, 2012)

The continual readjustment of the delta hedge ensures that the portfolio always has a zero delta—and that it loses only a little value each time the underlying stock price moves. Note however, that the portfolio always loses value. It never gains it. A delta-hedged negative gamma portfolio loses money irrespective of whether the underlying value rises or falls. Each time the underlying moves, the portfolio suffers a small loss. The dealer readjusts the delta hedge, locking in that loss. The underlying moves again, causing another loss. The dealer readjusts the delta hedge again, locking in that loss as well. The process continues until the option expires and the dealer can stop dynamic hedging.


Position in derivative market


For our portfolio, as we have long position in the cash market so it is better to short future to get the hedging position.

Now in order to perform the hedging operation it is necessary to know exactly how many contracts of S&P has to be sell and what will be the net impact of this combined position in the cash and future markets. The following formula will help to determine the number of contracts that need to be sold in order to achieve perfect hedging against the systematic risk using S&P. This number is called as hedge ratio.

Number of contracts for perfect hedge= Vp*βp/Vi

Vp-> Value of the portfolio

βp -> beta of the portfolio

Vi-> value of the index futures contract

Value of S&P Futures Index for December 14 expiry is $1976.

Now hence by applying the formula we get:

$50 million * 0.87/1976 = 22014.17

As S&P lot size is of 250, so it comes out to be around 88 lots.

Hence we need to short 88 lots of S&P at $1976 in order to protect our portfolio from systematic risk.

So, the net outgo for buying 88 lots of S&P future will be = 1976*88*250 = $43.472 million

The 3 month risk free interest rate is 0.02% (Anon., 2014)

The 3 month bank prime loan is 3.25% (Anon., 2014)

Thus the net outgo will be 43.472*3.25/4 = $0.35321 million

The index has provides a dividend of 3%. So, over 3 month period, the net income will be

$43.472 million * 3%/4 = $0.32604 million.

Hence, the net cash outgo will be = $0.35321 – $0.32604 = $27170


Reassessment of the portfolio


The portfolio has been reassessed at the end of October 26. The prices for the S&P and its future are given below


Date Open Close
26-Sep-14 1,966.22 1,982.85
29-Sep-14 1,978.96 1,977.80
30-Sep-14 1,978.21 1,972.29
1-Oct-14 1,971.44 1,946.16
2-Oct-14 1,945.83 1,946.17
3-Oct-14 1,948.12 1,967.90
6-Oct-14 1,970.01 1,964.82
7-Oct-14 1,962.36 1,935.10
8-Oct-14 1,935.55 1,968.89
9-Oct-14 1,967.68 1,928.21
10-Oct-14 1,925.63 1,906.13
13-Oct-14 1,905.65 1,874.74
14-Oct-14 1,877.11 1,877.70
15-Oct-14 1,874.18 1,862.49
16-Oct-14 1,855.95 1,862.76
17-Oct-14 1,864.91 1,886.76
20-Oct-14 1,885.62 1,904.01
21-Oct-14 1,909.38 1,941.28
22-Oct-14 1,941.29 1,927.11
23-Oct-14 1,931.02 1,950.82
24-Oct-14 1,951.59 1,964.58

Source – (Anon., 2014)


S&P Futures
Date Open Close
26-Sep-14 1961 1976
29-Sep-14 1974.75 1969.5
30-Sep-14 1968.75 1965.5
1-Oct-14 1961 1940.75
2-Oct-14 1940.75 1938.5
3-Oct-14 1938.5 1960.25
6-Oct-14 1961 1956
7-Oct-14 1953.25 1928
8-Oct-14 1926.25 1961.75
9-Oct-14 1961.5 1925
10-Oct-14 1917 1894.25
13-Oct-14 1892 1865.5
14-Oct-14 1866.25 1874.75
15-Oct-14 1878.25 1846.75
16-Oct-14 1846.75 1850.5
17-Oct-14 1853 1881
20-Oct-14 1884 1900
21-Oct-14 1903.5 1938
22-Oct-14 1938.25 1925
23-Oct-14 1924.5 1946
24-Oct-14 1946 1959.75

Source – (Anon., 2014)


The S&P has fallen from 1980 to 1964 in this 1 month, which is almost 0.92% fall.

The S&P future has fell from 1976 to 1959.75 which is 0.82% fall.

The cash position of the portfolio would have reduced by

= 0.87*0.92% = 0.8%

So, the net loss in the portfolio would be = 0.8% * $50 million = 0.4002 million

So, has we not hedge the portfolio, the new loss would be $400,200.

Now, we will see the effect of hedging.

The short position on the index has increase due the price decrease in index futures.

The increase is = 0.82% * $43.472 million = $0.35647 million

So, the short position in the index future would give profit of $356,740.4

Thus, the total gain/loss would be = $400,200 – $356,740.4 = $43,729.6

Taking into consideration the interest, we would get = $43,730 + $27,170 = $70,899.6

So, on percentage basis, the total loss in the portfolio is = 0.142%.

Had, the hedging been not done, the loss would have been 0.8%. Thus through hedging, the portfolio had been saved with loss in tune of $329,300.4 or almost $0.329 million.




Derivatives have always been used to hedge the position in cash market. Hedging means minimizing risk and it does not guarantee any profit. The different strategies used only tries to minimize the risk due to the movement in the market. But over a long term they do provide profit in the position.

Risk management underscores the fact that the survival of an individual depends heavily on his capabilities to anticipate and prepare for the change rather than just waiting for the change and act on it. The main objective of risk management is neither to prohibit nor prevent risk taking activity, but on the contrary it is to ensure that the risks are taken with complete knowledge, crystal clear purpose and proper understanding so that it can be properly measured and mitigated. It also prevents an individual from suffering unacceptable loss. Derivative can be efficiently used to manage risk. Here offsetting position can be created which leads to a much smoother cash flow in the portfolio. Hedging can be done by using both futures and options. While in future one is locked at a price and he cannot benefit if market movement is positive, in option hedging upward profit is not limited and if market is favorable than he will be having profit that movement.




Anon., 2014. Federal Reserve. [Online]
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Stulz, R., 2014. How Companies Can Use Hedging to Create Shareholder Value (Digest Summary).. CFA Digest, , p. 44(7).

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The consolidation journals required in relation to all inter-entity transactions to consolidate T and U as at 30 June 2008:


The closing inventory of T Ltd at 30 June 2008 included goods that cost T $2,100
T purchased this inventory from U Ltd at cost plus 25.00%
Total purchases by T from U during the year ended 30 June 2008 were $9,000

The Consolidation Journal Adjustment entry to be recorded in this case would be as follows:


Particulars Amount($)
DR Sales Revenue 9000
CR Cost of Goods Sold 8580
CR Inventory 420



Cost of goods sold by U Ltd. To T Ltd. = $9000/125% (U sold to T at cost + 25%)

= $7200

Out of the above purchases of $9000 made by T Ltd., goods amounting to $2100 are in closing inventory. So, the cost of goods sold made by T Ltd. Is $(9000-2100) = $ 6900.

So the total cost of goods sold by both companies is $(7200+6900)= $14100 out of which the cost of goods sold in relation to sale made by T Ltd. to outsider is $ 5520.

Therefore, the Cost of goods sold to be credited in Consolidation is = $(14100-5520) = $8580 and the remaining sales revenue of $(9000-8580) = $420 will be credited to Inventory.

(b) Non-current asset transfers

A motor vehicle was sold by U to T on 1 July 2007
The before-tax gain recorded by U on the sale was $4,800


Details of the asset are as follows:


Original cost $29,000
Carrying amount at the date of transfer $19,000
Remaining useful life (in years) at the date of transfer: 4
All plant & equipment is depreciated on a straight line basis at $25%


Particulars Amount($)
CR Motor Vehicle 4800
DR Other Income 4800

The gain on sale of the vehicle by U Ltd. has been eliminated in the consolidation.

(c) Inter-group dividends

All dividends paid during the 2008 year were paid from post-acquisition profits:


Particulars Amount($)
DR Dividend Payable 35000
CR Dividend Receivables 35000
DR Dividend Revenue 73000
CR Final Dividend Declared 35000
CR Interim Dividend paid 38000

(d) Other inter-group transactions

On 30 June 2008, T made a loan to U. The loan is an interest only loan with an interest rate of 6.00%. Full repayment of the principal is due on 30 June 2010.


Particulars Amount($)
DR Loan from T Ltd. 53000
CR Loan to U Ltd. 53000

Since Loan is given on the last day of the accounts no interest is payable or receivable.

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When a difficult person is included in a team, other members in the team often find it difficult to interact with the person and share their views and objectives with him/her for accomplishing a task. Difficult people are not always rude or abusive but they prohibits effective implementation of a projects processes which further leads to adversely impacts the costs, time and effort of the project or the organization as a whole.

In much of the small software development companies, the major cause of failure is not the lack of knowledge regarding the information technology but it is the human factor that interrupts their functioning. Gerald Weinberg, who has launched various books on technology of programming, commented that “no matter what they tell you, it’s always a people problem.”(Atwood, 2008)

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A strong assumption exists in the field of HRM that, the HRM strategy of an organization is directly corresponding with the strategy’s implementation when the reality is that, often such strategy is implemented without a clear sense of direction and even are not implemented at all. Quite logically, this leads to significant variations between the developed strategy of HRM and the actual implementation. Scholars have highlighted that in order for a HRM strategy to be successful there are two critical standpoints – primarily, the HRM strategy in question must be effective in light of the need of the organizational conditions and secondly, the implementation of such strategy must be effective in the absence of which the entire relevance of the strategy is lost (Thompson & Martin, 2005). Scholars have tried to understand the direct link between that of the performance of an organization with that of the HRM by exploring into the field (Burnes, 2004). It is identified now, that, though presence of effective HRM initiatives and policies are crucial for the successful performance of an organization, it is not enough that such would ensure competitiveness to the organization. Importance must be presented on the manner in which these initiatives are implemented in the workplace. The responsibility for such implementation lies with the line managers of an organization as they actually have to execute the practices of HRM at the shop floor. As per research, the line managers find it difficult to implement such HRM initiatives due to the presence of a number of limitations, which inhibit the effectiveness of the line managers.

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Advertisements are an integral part of daily life of people in the present era all around the world stretching from urban to rural areas as well. The remarkable change in the advertisement field has transformed children to a spending entity from a saving entity. In today’s world, children are the easy victim of marketers globally due to their high exposure to television and other media channels such as the internet. They are not only spender themselves but are effective influencers of purchase. This paper conducts an extensive literature review to unveil various facets regarding advertisements directed towards children based on a global milieu.

Apart from the literature review, the study tends to fill in the gap in the literature by undertaking a primary research in the UAE. This involves administering a questionnaire survey on 30 participants randomly selected from the city of Dubai. The findings obtained from both the research confirmed the negative impact of advertisement on children which might act adversely on a nation’s future. The lack of restrictions on advertisement for children consumption is deemed to be a drawback and it is recommended to enforce stringent regulations to keep the children in proper physical and mental health.

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Wal-Mart has used different strategies till now for every country, depending on the local market and their needs. Like in Mexico, Wal-Mart went with huge product assortments and low pricing strategy as the market demanded that. Its philosophy of “Every Day Low Price” was an instant hit. Their multi format strategy, where multiple group of customer can be served simultaneously was completely unique. They came up with different versions of store ranging from small outlets to huge serving rural area to urban area.

Similarly in Canada, Wal-Mart used novice strategy where each and every product had clear distinction from its competitors which eventually left a positive feedback in consumer’s mind. In China, Wal-Mart went with cost leadership and low pricing strategy, thus focusing on middle class consumers with huge discounts and great value on the products.

Thus for Vietnam, Wal-Mart can use the following strategies

1. Lower Pricing – Wal-Mart is a leader in its field, and with its huge supply chain practice, it can sell the goods at very low price. It has been using this strategy in most of the ASEAN countries, and is very successful in it. Offering huge discounts and providing great value for money is what attracts customers, and with such promotional campaigns coupled with lower price, Wal-Mart will be able to cater to huge base of population of Vietnam. Also, it will be able to maintain profits, due to its cost leadership.

2. Wide Product Range – To cater to the market and attract many customers, Wal-Mart should have a wide range of products, thus giving their customers huge choices and also not giving any option to go to competitor.

3. Use of RFID tags – Use of Radio Frequency Identification has been made famous by Wal-Mart to find out the out of stock inventory. First used in US, it has been used in other countries as well. Such usage will not only improve supply chain but also improve the customer service.








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